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Start Your Career As a Beauty Professional

As a beauty professional, you can take on a beauty franchise with a big brand or start your own beauty salon if you want to work from home.

There are many opportunities in beauty courses which are in high demand. It is not possible to study all these courses at one go. But here are the top beauty course categories in which you can complete a specialization which can open up opportunities for you immediately.

Art Glam Studio Academy is a institute which provides you the guidelines of beauty profession with different beauty courses.


ArtGlam provides the best nail related services like nail extensions, refills, permanent or temporary polish and manicures, using chemical free and natural products .


ArtGlam is a refreshingly new approach to the daily task of making eyelashes long and lush, saving women time and delivering amazing results.
With a market crossing cultural and generational lines, this highly visible service gets customers talking with friends and family.

"They say the eyes are the window to the soul, and in my opinion eyelashes are a big part of that"


ArtGlam started tattoo and piercing service with a strong mission to provide top-of-the-class tattoo designs, tattoo and piercing service to enthusiasts and local clients
ArtGlam offers clients the safest tattooing and body piercing procedures in the industry and the highest quality body art jewelry.



Manicure, pedicure, foot and hand massage etc.


The ArtGlam Theme

Subtle whites, powder pinks, muted greys and a shimmer of gold.


Our celebrity visitors


BPC Market

India has the world’s youngest population (median age 24 years)

Indian youth are now more ambitious and confident

BPC (beauty and personal care) has increased to a market 10 billon by 2021 and further growing at 5-6%

Drivers for growth

  • Heightened awareness of grooming in today’s women.
  • Social independence of women- they want to look and feel confident as they are financially independent.
  • Media intervention- daily soaps show women as perfectionists-groomed beautifully.
  • Opening up of the economy- growth in sunrise service sectors where women personnel are preferred.

Quality of products

  • Our team of specialist artists and technicians source the latest trends in beauty and accessories from around the world and analyze past customer behavior and spending patterns to arrive at the next season’s forecast.
  • Each procedure at ArtGlam is unique and special. While we clock a healthy turnover and negligible inventory and stock thus ensuring that we achieve healthy profits.
  • Customers keep coming back for newer procedures/designs since the shelf life is aprox 3-4 weeks. This ensures that we have a healthy repetitive relationship with our clients.
  • Our chic ambience lets our patrons forget the chaos of outside world and transcends them into a relaxing and soulful experience.
  • Each procedure is unique in design and we seldom repeat our designs.
  • Every procedure is perfected and is carefully inspected and is put through a 3-step quality control check before finally being offered at our studios.

Aggressive Marketing and Promotion

  • As our focus is to be the leader in the nails, lash and tattoo field, ArtGlam is always keen to be at the forefront of innovative marketing ideas with sales promotions which not only lead to compounded growth , but also increase footfall and sales.
  • We also strive to maintain a healthy relationship with our loyal clients with a loyalty program, who enjoy unparalleled benefits and services.
  • ArtGlam is also the choice of Bollywood and TV personalities having tended to various celebrities.
  • Whenever a procedure is competed, we make sure to encourage our clients to post a picture or a story of the procedures on their social media handles and tag us.

The ArtGlam Service Experience

  • ArtGlam studios are a combination of warm customer relationships ,Subtle whites, powder pinks, muted greys and a shimmer of gold for the women of substance.
  • Every ArtGlam studio empowers thousands of women through its unforgettable experience.
  • Keeping in mind the delicate nature of each procedure, our clients are encouraged to make a wise decision intune with their skin tone, shape of their nails and hands or the depth or thickness of their eyelashes along with certified and experienced nail artists and eyelash technicians.
  • Our interiors coupled with exemplary service make our procedures an experience in itself!
  • This is exemplified by the fact that our word-of-mouth (WOM) brings us a far greater response than any mass media campaign!


ArtGlam franchise offers
many advantages over the
competition and other
franchise opportunities.
The business is recessionresistant, it offers a high
demand/profit margin
compared to other
industries, the existing
competition is weak, and
it’s a ground-floor

“Our fanchisees are our partners in business and teir business is our business.“

Why should you partner with us

  • We ensure you a higher chance of success by becoming part of an established and trusted brand endorsed by a Bollywood celebrity
  • Category expertise- We have been in this business, and have defined the a niche segment. We have perfected our skills required for this business.
  • Gives you an instant access to the usage of an established brand name.
  • Allows you to tap into the availability of our exclusive products and services
  • Offers you aggressive joint advertising and promotional activities.
  • Our training program, which includes technical, administrative, management, marketing and sales training, is well designed to provide you with the basic tools required to conduct the business efficiently.
  • On job training will be provided to all the employees. In addition, you will also be provided with our confidential store operations manual.
  • Ongoing support is one of the best advantages that franchising has to offer over independent businesses. You have the entire network and expertise of ArtGlam Studios to count on for technical support. Any problem that you might experience, we have probably seen and can help you resolve quickly
  • The current BPC boom in the country
  • Paradigm attitudinal Shift in consumers “look good = feel good”.

How is our Franchising Opportunity better than others?

  • Better Margins: We provide you with margins that are above the industry standards.
  • No dead inventory
  • Large product variety: We have a huge range of products across various categories to suit the needs and wants of diverse customers.
  • First mover advantage/ Innovator: we are the only celebrity endorsed brand in the country
  • Backend support: Our state-of-the-art technical centre, makes it possible to customize nail art for customers in terms of colours, finish and stones.
  • Complete after-sales service is also provided.
  • Strong brand equity: ArtGlam is the only clebrity endorsed brand which enjoys a huge brand equity and fan following.

What do we require from a Franchisee?

  • Retail space- minimum of 500 sq ft (Carpet) on high streets/ malls.
  • Stock deposit of Rs.5 lacs.
  • The cost of Interiors approx Rs.3500sqft – Rs.4000/sqft.
  • A one time franchisee fee of Rs.8,50,000/- +Service Tax and an Architect fee of Rs.250,000/-
  • Total investment of Rs.36.0lacs.
  • All day-to-day operating expenses.

What does the Franchisee get from ArtGlam?

  • Aprox Margin of 200% on the product cost.
  • Assistance in site selection and development of the site
  • Technical know how and authorized vendors to ensure the best quality as per our strict guidelines
  • Marketing and advertising support through social media and events.
  • Partnering you in a grand inauguration by a celebrity for announcing that ArtGlam has arrived!!!
  • POS material and In-Store branding.
  • Product and retail skills training.
  • Support for merchandise selection and trend analysis